Our mission and goals

The main mission of the "Könüllü DOST" program is to form the network of citizens who works for the sustainable development of society, increase the spirit of statehood and patriotism while including each member of society.

The volunteering policy of the DOST Agency is aimed at demonstrating a new approach to volunteering and making the Agency one of the leading institutions in the field of effective organization of this activity. The main goals of the volunteering program organized by DOST Agency are as follows:

  • Supporting the youth policy and voluntary movement in Azerbaijan;
  • Organizing public participation and increasing the sense of social responsibility;
  • Development of state-citizen relations;
  • Integrating people with limited health and disabilities into society;
  • Preparing young people for the labor market by increasing their practical knowledge and skills;
  • Improving the quality and efficiency of services provided in "DOST" centers;
  • Effective organization of leisure time of pensioners and their reintegration into society by contributing to active aging;
  • Ensuring the availability of volunteering for people of different social statuses and locations, regardless of their background.