"Volunteer DOST" is a program that implements voluntary activities in "DOST" centers. Volunteers welcome citizens in "DOST" centers and direct them to service windows, participate in the management of citizen flows and queues, inform citizens, help in using electronic systems, familiarize citizens with the list of service documents, various questionnaires, forms, etc. assistance in filling out, providing special attention and care to the disabled, conducting opinion polls and many other areas. Through volunteering, young people increase their work experience and acquire the ability to work with a special vulnerable group of the population.

The purpose of the agency's activities is to organize the provision of services in "DOST" centers, to manage "DOST" centers, to monitor and evaluate their activities, to develop and improve services provided to legal and natural persons in the relevant field, and to take measures to increase transparency in the provision of those services consists of. The activities of the agency are as follows: - To manage "DOST" centers, to monitor and evaluate their activities; - To take measures to implement services in "DOST" centers based on the principles of "one window", as well as efficiency, citizen satisfaction, transparency, courtesy, responsibility and convenience; - To ensure the development of "DOST" centers, the improvement of the quality of services provided in those centers, their electronic implementation and improvement, as well as the introduction of innovations; - To take measures to improve the activity in the relevant field and increase transparency.

Work schedule of volunteers at "DOST" centers: I shift: 09:00 - 12:00 II shift: 12:00 - 15:00 III shift: 15:00 - 18:00 Work schedule of volunteers at DOST Inclusive Development and Creativity Center: I shift : 9:30 - 12:30 II shift: 12:30 - 15:30 III shift: 15:30 - 18:30

During the 2-month activity period, our volunteers are engage in the following activities: - Welcome citizens and direct them to service windows; - Participation in the management of the flow of citizens, queues; - Informing citizens; - Assistance in using electronic systems; - Providing special attention and care to citizens; - Conducting opinion polls; - Management of volunteer groups.

Each application for volunteering is considered on a specific time basis. We would like to inform you that the call for interviews is conducted by a certain "DOST" center and the system based on shifts. If interviews are conducted for your chosen Center and shift and your name is on the list prepared by the system, then you will also be called for the interview.

Interview results are sent to the email address you specified when you registered within 10-14 working days after the interview date.

We have already received more than 100,000 applications to join the "Konullu DOST" program. However, we currently have only 6 "DOST" centers. We appreciate your request to become a "Konullu DOST", but we cannot respond positively to all requests at this time. Each application will be carefully evaluated. We hope you will soon become a member of the DOST family. We appreciate your understanding.

"Distance DOST" subprogram is active only if there are different microprojects. Please continue to check our page regularly to get information about the activation of the firmware.

Interview criteria are evaluated based on personal qualities, knowledge and skills: Personal qualities mean: 1) Responsibility; 2) Care and neatness; 3) Body language and eye contact; 4) Explanation and listening; 5) Self-confidence. Knowledge and skills mean: 1) Knowledge of specialty; 2) Self-development potential; 3) Field awareness; 4) Awareness of voluntary activities; 5) Ability to work with a team.

Every person with a successful interview is added to the "Spare" volunteer base. Calling from the "spare" volunteer base is carried out if there is a vacancy in your selected DOST Center and your selected shift.

Taking into account the large number of applicants who want to work as a volunteer in "DOST" centers, it is unfortunately not possible to re-interview persons whose interview results are inconsistent.