Youth DOST

It is aimed at young people aged 16-29 gaining experience in the field of service to citizens, personal development and laying the foundation for their first successful career path.

Silver DOST

It aims at reintegration of pensioners into society, intergenerational exchange of experience and knowledge, active organization of leisure time of elderly people and active aging.

Inclusive DOST

The goal is for young people between the ages of 16-33 to gain experience, personal development by providing services to the beneficiaries applying to the DOST Inclusive Development and Creativity Center.

Distant DOST

It is a volunteer program aimed at the completion of tasks in online mode given by volunteers on micro-projects developed in certain fields.

Corporative DOST

The main target group within the subprogram includes private, public, state and other organizations interested to cooperate within the corporate social responsibility framework.