The next training within the "Volunteer Clubs" Project

The next training within the
Chief executive director of "Caspian Energy Club" Telman Aliyev visited Baku DOST Center No. 5. Head of the department of work with volunteers, Solmaz Hasanova introduced the guest to the "DOST Volunteer" program. Later, Telman Aliyev conducted a training for participants of the “DOST Volunteer” program on the topic “Formulating a future business idea.” The training took place within the framework of the “Personal Development” club of the “Volunteer Clubs” project. The meeting continued in the format of mutual discussion. At the end, answers were given to questions of interest to young people. It should be noted that the "Volunteer Clubs" project has been operating in 12 different directions since 2022. The main goal of the project is to create conditions for the active participation of young people in all areas of society, increase their practical knowledge, support the discovery of their creative and innovative potential, increase attention to education and employment issues, as well as more efficient organization of their leisure time.